MY Promise

Go from designer amateur to boss (wo)man by building a better design business for you and your clients.

Business Coaching for Designers

(a.k.a. What you should have been taught in school, but wasn't.)
Through a series of insightful collaborative conversations, I’ll help you gain confidence as you forge your own path through the design and entrepreneurial world. We’ll discover ways you can manage the clients you have, navigate and streamline your design process, and position your business so you get more of the kind of clients you crave knocking at your door.
Note: There is no fixed fee for mentorship because every person’s starting point, level of experience and goals are different. Please contact me for the application process.

Value Gained from Working with a Mentor

Clarity in Learning

It’s overwhelming to learn from the vast amount of information on the Internet. I help mentees identify and prioritize what they need to learn. Unlike prepared materials, mentorship is not one-size-fits-all. With a mentor, you will learn things you don’t find in books or courses.

Career Advice

Increase your confidence in your job search with support and advice from a mentor. Learn from a seasoned designer how to choose between different fields of work, how to evaluate job offers, how to negotiate, what environment may be best for you and your work, and more.

Grow & Achieve

Gain insight into how designers think and work. A mentor can recognize your blind spots and help you accelerate your growth and the areas to focus on when aligning with your short and long term goals.

Freelance Business

It’s daunting to step into the world of freelancing without any guidance. With 5+ years of freelancing experience, I’ll teach you everything I know about contracts, invoicing, client relationships and more.

What's Included

Portfolio Review

Take a fresh look at all your past and present projects and rate them for what you want more/less of going forward.
Polishing your portfolio in a professional way that makes a visitor say, "WOW!"
Assess where your business is currently and establish what you need, what you want, and set goals to make it happen.

Brand Building

Determine the positioning in your target market through visuals that align with your personal brand.
Identify your ideal (and not ideal) clients, what phase of business they’re in, what their needs (or “red flags”) are.
Craft your services and pricing so they sell and align with your business goals and strengths.

Business Fundamentals

How to set yourself up as a solopreneur and gather all the important documents needed to work with clients.
How to create proposals that sell, a following up strategy, dealing with objections or rejections.
Create a marketing plan to get clients that works with your personality.

Process Polishing

Automate and streamline your systems to reduce your time spent on standard client tasks.
How to collect all the information you need from a client before beginning the project and gather inspiration to interpret your client’s design preferences.
How to manage projects, present your work, and guide your client through each step of your process.
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"Learning from Taryn has added a whole new level of education value to my time as a design student. Her guidance through experience is something that a classroom environment doesn't capture. Taryn has taught me so much about being a designer in the real world and has been amazing encouragement through the program. Because of her mentorship, I've gained intern-like experience and a 4.0 GPA my sophomore year."       - Lindsey Reymond

My Mentorship Values

01. Authenticity

No sugar-coated critiques here. I care about your growth too much to not keep it real. We'll tear things down and rebuild them better, together.

02. Humility

I don’t profess to be at the top of the design talent pool, because I know there is still much for me to master. Design is a moving target I'm hunting every day.

03. Equality

To me, you're more than just a mentee. You’re a designer — an industry peer. I’m not the only one teaching and you’re not the only one learning. Your identities, pronouns, and preferences are respected with me and I strive to make you feel safe, seen, and celebrated.

04. Transparency

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to point you towards useful resources and share what I've learned from my own personal design journey.