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Biosphere Brewing Co.

This project was a bit different and outside of my normal types of projects. Ethan, the owner of Biosphere Brewing Co. approached me with the concept of designing their brand in a way that could be used as a base for the interior decoration and industrial design of their building. The idea was for me to create their logo, menu, and products (pint glasses and bottled brews) in order to then create a color palette and feel for the type of furniture, paint, and decor that would be purchased to connect brand and establishment. Biosphere is a craft brewery based in northern California and strives to make quality craft beer for customers with all tastes for brews to enjoy. This part of the state is an agricultural region which prides itself on its farm to fork movement. The brewery wants to strive to do the same with beer by brewing with quality hops provided by local farms. Ethan wanted the overall feel of the brewery to be very warm and welcoming. The type of place where customers would look forward to coming to unwind after a long day of work, and appeal to consumers looking to meet with others or to have focus time. To begin the logo process, Ethan and I agreed that a simplistic logo that focused on hops to represent the locally grown product was the direction to go so that the visual brand matched the values of the brand. This logo is versatile in both color and black and white, while also standing out alone in its symbol shape. Giving the added arch to the top helped represent the name by reflecting a sphere. By creating a warm color palette, the vision for comfort in the brewery helped tie in the rustic, homegrown feel with relaxing hues. Choosing a worn dark wood background, the brewery was given a cabin feel, while also keeping a metro pub feel with its brick walls.

Biosphere Brewing Co.
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