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Co/Ed Apparel

Co/Ed Apparel breaks all the rules in creating workout wear clothing purposefully for women and those who identify as women. Founded by two friends who quit their day jobs and went for it, it’s a brilliant reminder to follow your inner rebel and redefine any rules which don’t work for you. Inspired by overseeing a transgender female receiving a negative response by shopping in the women's section, Co/Ed's mission is to remain gender neutral and believes in styling clothes to fit the scale of femininity that anyone can feel comfortable with. Co/Ed wanted to create a simple logo to place on their line of fitness apparel - anything from yoga pants to tanks and accessories. The logo is meant to be very modern with artistic emphasis on the slash in the word and to include the tagline "move together" to represent not only movement in fitness, but also to move forward together to create a safe and accepting future. I believed wholeheartedly in the message of this brand and was so honored to work on the project. I began my process by sketching out several different styles of lettering, ultimately deciding on a strong sans serif. I placed the slash in an eye-catching manner by cropping off parts of the surrounding letters. This makes each apparel item stand out and give an edgy feel to a company who's breaking boundaries of gender classifications.

Co/Ed Apparel
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