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Kat Perkins

Working with Kat is a dream, both on professional and personal levels! On all projects we collaborate on, we have a deep understanding of the message and emotion behind each visual piece. Kat's style is very edgy while also being very feminine. Each project is unique, yet connected back to Kat's unique brand - whether she is doing a tribute show, or needing new merch for the next era in her career. For me as a designer, having a client like Kat who trusts the vision I create not only is an honor to me as a designer and individual, but it also gives me a sense of knowing that I'm fulfilling my passion's purpose. Band and artist posters have always been one of the most prolific fields in terms of evolution and experimentation in the graphic design industry. Through different styles and attitudes, posters have created the image of bands and albums throughout history. An added bonus, they are always a lot of fun to create. After an exchange of ideas and information Kat wants to include in a particular project, I begin a heavy research phase. In the music industry, it's easy for designs to be similar from artist to artist. The color palette for Kat's branding is normally darker shades, however bright splashes are also prominent to create an eye catching element in the shadows. In her tribute projects, I begin by researching the artist in which the show is inspired from to honor the legacy of that artist while also bringing a flare of Kat's brand to give that originality of what her audience expects.

Kat Perkins
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