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The story of how the owners of Streetside came into my inbox was unique and creative from the very beginning. I was attending the Adobe Max conference in San Diego, California, and decided to stop for coffee at a local shop to fuel up for a day of insight. A bulletin board advertising an array of business cards was hanging in the shop and I had been looking at all the different companies people were advertising (as my natural born design instinct does). I decided to add my card to the board, even though it was for locals, and I was living in a different state at the time. A few months later, I received an email from a man named Matthew, who's wife had recently had a baby. Matthew was starting a food truck business, and had seen my business card at the coffee shop, and not only wanted to work with me, but also decided to use my name as the middle name for their daughter! With such a unique connection already established, I couldn't wait to create a brand for Matt and his brothers' business. The process began by a meeting of the minds on the brand mission and figuring out the type of restaurant the brothers wanted to establish. Matt mentioned how having a logo in the shape of a road sign was something he was hoping for to give the vision of the food trailer being parked along the side of the streets in downtown San Diego. I took that idea and skewed a familiar street sign shape slightly to spark interest in potential customers. By adding a crosswalk and a burger shape, Streetside's clientele can automatically know they will receive delicious food with the mobile convenience of being parked along various streets. Using a dark background for all the printed material to symbolize asphalt, I paired a bright palette of warm colors for a friendly and welcoming feel to the location. I steered away from the yellow and red color scheme used by many burger/fast food restaurants and focused on orange to stimulate the appetite and to combine the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Paired with high quality images, the menu is very effective in advertising the appeal of real life food examples with a design and layout that makes the brand successful.

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