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The Donut Box

What started as a small establishment in 2015 grew into a thriving business with early-morning lineups a dozen deep, The Donut Box reached out to me for a professional rebrand that they needed to continue to grow their business. Being located in a small stand right off the Pacific coast, The Donut Box came to fruition with not much of an eye catching visual due to limited startup funds. The current branding no longer met their business values, so we began with a large mind mapping process to discover that market and how to create a design that went with those values, while also serving as an eye popping visual to attract customers to the location. The charm and artistry of the pastries is preserved by a design that puts the doughnut front and center. The use of a vibrant color palette in the brand represents the ingredients and that give their doughnuts a unique explosion of flavor. While keeping more saturated pastels, these colors reflect the warm atmosphere that The Donut Box creates when visiting their location. Due to the establishment holding true to the adjective "box", I incorporated an angled view to the logo, which not only reflects back to their name, but also gives some dimension to a logo that is normally flat. This modernized logo has already received positive response by regular customers of The Donut Box and will hopefully continue to market the business positively.

The Donut Box
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