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Winks Eyelash Serum

Winks Eyelash Serum is a flirty, sexy, and confidence boosting product made to lengthen, strengthen, and make eyelashes healthier without going to the salon for eyelash extensions or applying fake eyelashes and struggling with the glue and discomfort while wearing. The client requested a purple color scheme, which fit the integrity of the product. The color purple is representative of royalty, luxury, power, and ambition, so I automatically agreed that it was a good choice to build the brand on. The target audience of this product is women, mainly in the 20s-50s age bracket, so leaning more towards lavender and a purple shade with more pink/red undertones, rather than blue undertones, captures this brand's ideal consumer. Paired with a soft, yet playful curvy script font and a symbol that can automatically be recognized as an eyelash product, this design captures the attention of the consumer with its classic simplicity. The pattern and texture of the victorian swirls and silver accents ties in with the glamorous feel that a person would like to experience while using this serum. * This project won a Silver ADDY Award for Brand Integration at the 2016 New Mexico ADDY Awards *

Wink's Eyelash Serum
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