Creating strategic brands with deeper meaning.

My approach to branding and design is to understand the mission, values, and heart of a business or project, while diving deep to understand the needs of your audience. With that foundation, the design that emerges is a thoughtful, intentional, seamless visual narrative that allows you to represent your business with confidence.



I create the following for passionate small business owners and talented artists in the music industry.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Your brand identity is the face of your business and helps tell your story. I want to help you create a visual brand that genuinely reflects what you do, connects with your dream clients, and serves your purpose.

Visual Marketing Design

Your visuals (website, collateral advertising, etc) is the virtual face of your business, and I will help it speak to your audience and achieve the goals you have — not to mention make it look and work spectacularly. We’ll do a full evaluation, planning, and build something uniquely yours.


A collection of my best work.

Your Project's Value

Interested in working with me? I've crafted four pixel perfect design packages for your best results! Check out my services to see which is the best for you!



I'm Taryn, your new design partner in crime. You seek a brand that entices your audience, but you need direction. Truly, I understand the feeling well and know how daunting taking the first step can be. That’s why I’m here, to guide you on this journey and make your dream come true. Let me tell you a little about myself...

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Education & Resources

Want to learn from me? Applications for mentor sessions are now open for virtual or in person students, and I would love to help you learn deeper than just using software. I've also crafted a few resource documents you can download for free to use however you wish!


The Creative Authenticity Blog

I love to share valuable insight for designers, creative entrepreneurs alike, and/or curious minds through my writing and perspective.


Why I Don't Want Quarantine To End

While I am excited to get back to real life, I also — deep down inside — am secretly gnawing on the long-wave, growing desire, tempering slowly with each week. This is a time we can never come back to, and while I agree we never should — it marks a very dark time in our recent history, and we’ll be better when we’re on the other side — the reality is, it still marks a moment in our lives, and that moment was defined by a number of feelings. Some (uncertainty, fear, anger, loss) were bad. But some? I’d argue… are the sort of things we could benefit from, because they make us feel more alive on the other side.


Ethical Marketing in the COVID-19 Crisis Time

I can’t think of a better time to start a discussion about ethical marketing. A subject that affects the work of many marketers, PR workers, advertisers and digital creators — ethical marketing is, in my eyes, the line drawn between moral and immoral advertising to consumers. It’s the difference between encouraging positive behaviours in your customers and taking advantage of them. It’s a blurry barricade between promoting good and promoting bad, and it can all lie in just a few short words being broadcast to a nation.


Positive and Negative Distractions

We all know the feeling of resisting distraction. Perhaps you’re sat at your desk, trying to avoid your colleague’s noisy recap of her crazy weekend. Maybe your group chat is sharing some serious gossip that you desperately want to partake in. Or maybe your favorite podcaster has just uploaded a new episode that you cannot wait to listen to.

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