Personal branding designed for you to shine

Authentic, strategic-backed brand identity design built to connect women entrepreneurs and entertainers to their audience with visuals that are innovative and intentional.

It’s one thing for someone to know your name.
It's another for someone to remember who you are.
Align who you are and all that you have to offer with what the rest of the world sees. Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to grow your business or an entertainer ready to take your expertise and experience to a new level or in a new direction - you need a presence and visibility that’s not only an asset, but one that makes you stand out from the crowd and encapsulates the badass woman that you are!
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Anatomy of a Personal Brand

story & purpose
visual identity
authentic connection
personality-based branding

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You have a brilliant service and/or product based business that is centered around your knowledge and expertise.


You own the stage and connect with your audience through your creative work and the values you share.


You have a story to tell and are building a connected audience and a platform to share your influence.

dani jackson
"I honestly don't know where to begin with Taryn. I hired her on a little intuitive nudge, and her talent and strategy have been beyond amazing.  I loved working with her and I absolutely appreciate her talent and skill to deliver a brand that feels meant for me!"
Kat Perkins
"I’ve trusted Taryn’s logos and designs for years now because she’s able to see / hear my music, personality, and goals with each project and put that passion into the design. I know hands down that my success in product sales and moving my brand forward is attributed to how Taryn puts together the visual art that makes people feel. It makes a 100% difference!"
sarah simmons-langston
"Taryn is one of the best designers out there. She has a big heart and really puts all of her creative energy into her client's vision! She always delivers on every project we ask of her and consistently goes the extra mile. Taryn has been there for us and we give her our highest recommendation!"

The Authentic Brand Package

Far too many solo business owners strive to create a gorgeous brand identity, but fail to translate their vision into a brand design that resonates with their ideal audience, while reflecting their values. Using a psychological approach, I transform your business with a visionary, purposeful brand identity that encapsulates your values and resonates with your community. I leave the stuffiness and commercialism of traditional marketing tactics behind to bring your vision to life while you confidently walk away with an upscale, original visual brand identity.

  • Brand discovery strategy workshop
  • Moodboard
  • Primary and submark logo
  • Font curation
  • Color palette
  • Textures, patterns, decorative assets
  • Brand guidelines
  • Social media suite
  • One marketing collateral item
  • Confidence in your visual assets
  • Clear idea of who you are and your purpose
  • Simplifies and streamlines your design assets

Investment: Custom (each brand is unique and additional costs will be determined upon request.) Website design may be added and discussed with commitment to brand package.

Let's Do This!
no one else is like you, so why settle for a visual brand that looks like everyone else's?

A truly memorable personal brand will magnify your influence with a unique and polished brand design that accurately communicates your mission, your truth, and your true value.

brand authentically

Hello, I'm Taryn

And I believe that everyone has the potential to make a career doing what they love, and using who they are as their biggest asset.
I understand that you've been busy working on what you do best, but you're starting to feel the pull to market yourself with an envy-inducing, perfect-for-you visual brand identity that will make you stand out above the rest. You know you need a strategic approach to your story and design in order to propel your business into the next few years. Not having a brand that reflects your level of taste and professionalism hurts your confidence and your business. I understand what it feels like to have a brand that doesn't fit your goals, and that's where I can help you!

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